Field Internship for Seminary Students

Through a partnership with Duke Divinity School, Anathoth offers field internships for Master of Divinity (M.Div)
students, which, “provides an opportunity for students to discern their vocational identity through contextual learning.”

The ministerial and educational opportunities that Divinity students receive–while working at Anathoth, part-time for the academic year or full-time for ten weeks over the summer–are wide-ranging and deep, including but definitely not limited to extending social and spiritual support to children and adults from diverse socio-economic and racial backgrounds, facilitating worshipful experiences in the garden such as Bible studies and Eucharist services, learning how to manage the horticultural and social challenges of a community garden and the administrative responsibilities of running a small non-profit organization–the list could go on.


All in all, this formational opportunity is designed to engage Divinity students in imagining a holistic, sacramental, way of approaching faith and ministry, one in which the body and the spirit are inextricably tied to each other. It is geared for self-initiating students who can bring their gifts, skills and experience to bear in service while simultaneously opening up to learning from experiences which are often physically, spiritually, and emotionally demanding.    


If you are a divinity student at an institution other than Duke Divinity School, and are interested in incorporating a field internship at Anathoth into your education, please contact us. Understand that while we are willing to work with you and your home school, we currently do not have the adequate funding to compensate you, outside of the possibility of a free room and all of the fresh vegetables you need from the garden.

Our Mission

Cultivating peace by using good food and sustainable agriculture to connect people with their neighbors, the land, and God.