Connect with Syrian and Afghan Families Seeking Refuge

Below, Hillsborough Presbyterian member Pam Beveridge describes the church’s and Anathoth’s relationship with families seeking refuge from Syria. In future weeks, family members will share their own perspectives, within the bounds of confidentiality.



Above you see a finished meal using each of the ingredients provided from last week’s 1/2 box of fresh produce. Hillsborough Presbyterian Church has co-sponsored 2 Syrian Refugee families (composed of 2 parents and 4 children each) since their arrival one year ago this week. Each family is assigned a local agency to help upon entering the United States. These agencies then partner with local organizations for 90 days. After their original 90 day contract ended, HPC continued their support of these 2 families while also assisting a third family from Afghanistan. For more information or to help with this project on Phase 2: Refugee Resources for Community Integration and Independence, please contact Pam Beveridge (919-604-8422) or Alice or Bernie Nord (919-583-3074). Family members will also be selling crafts at Hillsborough’s Last Fridays on Friday, August 25, 2017.








Pam and her husband Tom pack up vegetables for the families from Anathoth’s Saturday workday.

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