Homemade HarvestShare Prayers

How does a commitment like HarvestShare shape you? How does committing to a piece of land, to the people who work the land, and to your fellow eaters bring rhythms of wholeness and love to your life? At the recent Life Around the Table Retreat, I led a workshop on “Receiving the CSA as a Spiritual Discipline.” With a CSA, people are often quick to notice what’s easy (“I love strawberries!”) vs. what’s hard (“How do I get my kids to eat okra?”), which is natural.

But I asked workshop participants — like we ask HarvestShare members — to look deeper and explore how the CSA brings them closer to living with love. For a “final product,” workshop participants collaboratively wrote prayers, lifting up ways that the CSA serves as an extension of the love in a Communion table — extending to our own households, our immediate community, and the larger world. Enjoy these prayers. And feel free to use the format to write your own — and share them with us and others!

+ Your own household 
Dear God who loves me and my home,
You show us your love by:
The ways you pour out your generosity through colorful fruits and veggies and delicious, abundant, seasonal bounty

Help us to live out your love by:
Giving and receiving well
Recognizing God’s gift
Pausing as we eat to taste and see that God is good
Delighting in goodness of your creation
Eating foods made with love
Keeping our bodies healthy by eating nourishing good

So that I can live in a body and home where:
We are appreciative
People are centered and focusing on gifts you give
Hospitality is shown
We are faithful stewards
Love oozes out.

+ Your immediate community
Dear God who loves my community,
You show us your love by:
Bringing forth food from the good earth
Giving us enough food so that we can share
Growing community through sharing food

Help us to live out your love by:
Resisting the commodification of food and the commodification of the people who grow it
Cultivating neighborliness and connections
Connecting people with good food

So that we can live in a community where:
People are recognized and affirmed in their full humanity, and all are nourished and provided for.

+ Our world
Dear God who loves our world,
You show us your love by:
Opportunities to deepen our faith, to make it new again, by seeing God’s love in plants and participating in God’s love by transforming these plants into a meal that can be shared with others. Through these meals, you show us how your love is abundant, not scarce. How can such abundance be hoarded? How can we allow people to go hungry, especially our children? Forgive us for not knowing those who are hungry. Open our eyes. Help us share your abundance.

Help us to honor your love by:
Allowing this meal, from these ingredients, form a relationship with my neighbors and may this relationship open my eyes to the larger injustices and need.

So that we can live in a world where:
We are united in your love, where there is no more war or hunger or need or brokenness. Where we see your abundance in all things and work towards sharing this abundance with all things.

In your name we pray. Amen.

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