Connect with Syrian and Afghan Families Seeking Refuge

Below, Hillsborough Presbyterian member Pam Beveridge describes the church’s and Anathoth’s relationship with families seeking refuge from Syria. In future weeks, family members will share their own perspectives, within the bounds of confidentiality.     Above you see a finished meal using each of the ingredients provided from last week’s 1/2 box of fresh produce. Hillsborough Presbyterian Church has co-sponsored 2 Syrian Refugee families (composed of 2 parents and 4 children each) since their arrival one year ago this week. Each […] → Continue Reading Connect with Syrian and Afghan Families Seeking Refuge

“Be Afraid”

We’re grateful to share an excerpt from Rev. Monica Beacham’s Sunday sermon at Cedar Grove United Methodist. Monica reflects on God’s call to face fear and discomfort, to respond to racism — in Charlottesville, in our daily lives, everywhere. Monica became Cedar Grove United Methodist Church’s new pastor this summer.  Her self-introduction: “I do pray before each sermon that God will speak through me or perhaps in spite of me…” We will link to the full sermon once it’s posted online — and you can […] → Continue Reading “Be Afraid”

Meet Open Hands intern Amy Mejia

Amy Mejia graduated from Cedar Ridge High School in 2016, and wrote this reflection while preparing for a gap year in Kenya. She shared some reflections from her summer internship at Anathoth: My name is Amy and I have recently graduated from Cedar Ridge High School. Both parents were born in Mexico, but I was born in California. I have grown up living with two cultures where at home our family holds Mexican values. But when I go outside my […] → Continue Reading Meet Open Hands intern Amy Mejia