HarvestShare 2015

Our HarvestShare program offers an income-inclusive, Community Supported Agriculture program: fresh vegetable, fruit, and bread distribution each week for 24 weeks. Participants are also invited to enjoy our workdays, potlucks meals, workshops, cooking demonstrations, special events, and worship services. 

To register: Use the online registration form below, or download a registration form here.

What’s in the Box?
An ample and diverse serving of fresh, sustainably-grown vegetables, fruit, and brick-oven bread. All produce will be priced and packed according to its comparable retail value at local farmers’ markets.  See our Harvest Calendar for more details.

Harvest 3Harvest 11Harvest 24

  • Full share: $25/week ($600 for the 24-week season), for approximately 8-10 items per box. Ideal for vegetable lovers or households of four or more.
  • Half share: $12.50/week ($300 for the 24-week season), for approximately 4-5 vegetables per box. Ideal for a couple or individual.
* Payments, including for donated shares, can be made through installments, by sending signed, post-dated checks. We will deposit each check at the beginning of each month. For information about the Installment Plan, Contact anathothgarden@gmail.com or Julia Sendor at (413) 884-5224.

Share the Harvest: Anathoth5
Please consider sharing the harvest by donating a full share or 
half share. Donated shares go to households referred to us by the Orange County WIC ProgramsWorld Relief Durham refugee support, Prospect Hill Community Health Center, churches, local Cedar Grove community members, and other HarvestShare members.

The Pick Up:

  • Durham: Wednesday, 5-8 p.m. pick-up
  • Chapel Hill: Wednesday, 5-8 p.m., 6 Davie Circle, Chapel Hill 27514
  • Hillsborough: Thursday, 5-8 p.m. 
  • Cedar Grove: Saturday, 1-3 p.m. (following community work day), 3005 Lonesome Rd., Cedar Grove 2723
* Members may contact Anathoth by phone or email with at least 24-hour notice if they will not be able to pick up their box, and we will gladly save the box to be picked up at another time or date (however, please do make this a habit). If you do not contact us, your box will be donated.

HarvestShare Program Goals:Anathoth2

  • Expand distribution of fresh, organic produce, ensuring food access for more food-insecure people in and around Cedar Grove.
  • Engage, educate, and empower local teenagers with the skills to grow and market food and work together collaboratively, through our Open Hands program and our partnership with Volunteers for Youth.
  • Connect urban and suburban people with rural needs and gifts, and vice versa.
  • Create an innovative and sustainable revenue stream which will allow Anathoth to deepen its mission and advance a model of an effective, faith-based community garden.

Join us!
Fill out the registration form below, or download a copy and send it anathothgarden@gmail.com or Anathoth Community Garden, PO Box 138, Cedar Grove, NC 27231.

Community Workdays:
We encourage all HarvestShare participants to share the work of growing the produce for at least two workdays throughout the season, which should include joining us for a potluck meal (so bring a dish to share) and, often, cooking demonstrations, pizza parties, music, poetry readings, and other forms of fun. Workdays are Saturdays 9-1, followed by a potluck meal, and Tuesdays 5-8 p.m., followed by a potluck meal.

The purpose is to fellowship with one another, not merely to pick up a box. We will say a prayer of thanksgiving for the food together before it is distributed and the potluck meal is shared.

Our Mission

Cultivating peace by using good food and regenerative agriculture to connect people with their neighbors, the land, and God.