HarvestShare 2014

Our HarvestShare program offers an income-inclusive, Community Supported Agriculture program: fresh produce and bread distribution each week for 6 months.

To register: Click on the link below to download this year’s registration form or fill out your information using the form at the bottom of the page.

2014 HarvestShare Registration Form

In addition to fresh vegetables and bread, participants are invited to enjoy our workdays, potlucks meals, workshops, cooking demonstrations, special events, and worship services. Box pick-ups are available once a week at multiple sites in Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Mebane. Contact anathothgarden@gmail.com for more information about pick-up sites.

Choose a HarvestShare Option:

1.) ShareGivers: Purchase a full-share or half-share for yourself and another as a donation to someone else in the community (*donated share is tax-deductible)
2.) ShareReceiver: Receive a share for free or subsidized rate
3.) Students/Ministers: Purchase a full-share or half-share for yourself only (*no tax deduction)
4.) Churches/Food Banks: Donate a full-share or half-share to a household 

- Full share: $600 for full 24-week season ($25/week), for approximately 8 vegetables per box.
Ideal for vegetable lovers or households of four or more.
* ShareGivers purchasing full shares pay $600 for themselves AND $600 for another family.

- Half share: $300 for full 24-week season ($12.50/week), for approximately 4 vegetables per box.
Ideal for a couple or individual.
ShareGivers purchasing half shares pay $300 for themselves AND $300 for another family.

* Payments can be made in 6 installments by sending signed, post-dated checks. We will deposit each check at the beginning of each month.

What’s in the Box?
An ample and diverse portion of fresh, sustainably-grown vegetables, small fruit, cut flowers, and bread. All produce will be priced and packed according to its comparable retail value at local farmer’s markets.  See our Harvest Calendar for more details.

The Pick Up:
Wednesday, 5-8 pm pick-up
115 W Edgewoord Dr., Durham, NC 27704

Chapel Hill
Wednesday, 5-8 pm pick-up
6 Davie Circle, Chapel Hill NC 27514 

Thursday, 5-6:30 pm pick-up
Hillsborough Wine Co.
118 Churton St., Hillsborough, NC 27231

Cedar Grove
Saturday, 1-3 pm pick-up (following community work day)
Anathoth Community Garden
3005 Lonesome Rd., Cedar Grove, NC 27231

* Members may contact Anathoth by phone or email with at least 24-hour notice if they will not be able to pick up their box, and we will gladly save the box to be picked up at another time or date (however, please do make this a habit). If you do not contact us, your box will be donated.

HarvestShare Program Goals:

  • Expand distribution of fresh, organic produce, ensuring food access for more food-insecure people in and around Cedar Grove
  • Engage, educate, and empower teenagers in the community throughout the season with the skills to grow and market food and work together collaboratively
  • Connect urban and suburban people with rural needs and gifts, and vice versa.
  • Develop a church-based market for local, organic farmers (as HarvestShare expands, produce will be sourced from surrounding farms, though still packed and distributed by teens)
  • Create an innovative and sustainable revenue stream which will allow Anathoth to deepen its mission and advance a model of an effective, faith-based community garden

Community Workdays:
We encourage all HarvestShare participants to share the work of growing the produce for at least six workdays throughout the season, which should include joining us for a potluck meal (so bring a dish to share) and, regularly, cooking demonstrations, pizza parties, music, and other forms of fun. Workdays are Saturdays 9-1, followed by a potluck meal, and Tuesdays 5-8 pm, followed by a potluck meal.

The purpose is to fellowship with one another, not merely to pick up a box. We will say a prayer of thanksgiving for the food together before it is distributed and the potluck meal is shared.

Join Us!
If you’re interested in investing in our ministry by joining HarvestShare, fill out the form below.   You will then receive an email with more information.  Alternatively you may also download the registration form and sent it to us by mail.


Our Mission

Cultivating peace by using good food and regenerative agriculture to connect people with their neighbors, the land, and God.